Manchester Hotel Carpet Cleaning Service

Outsource your carpet cleaning requirements for your hotel to our team of experts. 

We regularly work with businesses across Greater Manchester via our retained cleaning solutions, and we’re no stranger to cleaning carpets in hotels either! 

Read on to see how we specifically approach carpet cleaning for our hotel clients. 

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Why choose our team for hotel carpet cleaning services?

When it comes to choosing a carpet cleaning provider, you need to opt for a team with both experience and a business understanding of what it means to work around your schedule. 

By this, we mean that we understand that carpet cleaning services for a hotel are not as simple as booking in a slot with us. 

We know that you’ll inevitably have busy times where cleaning will be practically impossible, and we understand that we’ll be working to your requirements. 

Ultimately, you need a team you can rely on who are big enough to cover the carpeted areas of your hotel, otherwise you’re not going to get a frequent-enough clean, nor as the team going to be able to realistically cover the required areas in a timely fashion. 

We have the team and expertise to do so, with happy clients and years of experience behind us. 

We are here to help, and to put together a carpet cleaning service bespoke to your hotel. 

How Our Hotel Carpet Cleaning Process Works

1. Vacuum of the area

carpet cleaners mcr logo

2. Cleaning Solution Application

3. Brushing

4. Flushing of dirt & debris

5. Drying of the carpet

6. Final treatment for future stain deterrent

Contact Us At your earliest convenience

We’re incredibly flexible when it comes to retained or one-off work, and we’ll always aim to work around your schedule as you require. 

We’re just as happy to provide renovation and emergency cleans as we are ongoing services alongside deep-cleans (something we often simply refer to as Covid cleans these days!), so don’t hesitate to enquire based on what you need. 

Many of our carpet cleaning services for hotels are completely custom, so that you know you’re getting exactly what your hotel needs, and not just a generic approach that otherwise would work for one location and not in another.  

To discuss your exact requirements in terms of timings, days on/off and to learn more about our team and processes, contact us today using the methods below.