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Warrington Carpet Cleaning Service

Learn more about our carpet cleans across the Warrington area.

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Looking for a trusted carpet cleaning team in warrington?

We are the leading provider of commercial and domestic carpet cleans in the North West, and naturally this spans to both homeowners and businesses in the Warrington area. 

From one-off cleans for properties to deep-cleans and retained services for commercial landlords, we’re here to keep your carpets looking like new. 

Our core range of carpet cleaning services

Here’s a short list of our most popular carpet cleaning services:

  • Stain removal: As both a one-off service and as part of a general clean, we often have to work on removing tricky stains from the carpets we’re working on. To tackle this as effectively as possible, we’ve assembled a specialist collection of spot-cleaning tools and products, meaning that we’re rarely stumped by a troublesome mark.

  • Dry cleaning: While some carpets are pretty tough, others need a slightly more delicate approach to cleaning. In these cases, we often use a dry cleaning solution. This consists of applying a special powder to the carpet, and then vacuuming it off along with the dirt.

  • Hot water extraction services: For more durable carpets, we tend to use a cleaning technique known as hot water extraction cleaning. As the name suggests, this involves putting hot water and cleaning products on the carpet, removing as much as possible, and then leaving it to dry.

  • Deodourising services: As well as getting rid of visible marks, we also make sure to get rid of any nasty odours that might be coming from your carpet. This can sometimes be provided as a service on its own, but will usually need to be combined with another form of cleaning.


If you have any carpet cleaning issues that you don’t see listed above, please reach out and give us a call at 01617061779.

We aim to provide as unique a service as possible for each of our clients in order to meet their needs, and will do our best to provide you with a creative and effective solution.

How Our Carpet Cleaning Process Works

1. Vacuum of the area

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2. Cleaning Solution Application

3. Brushing

4. Flushing of dirt & debris

5. Drying of the carpet

6. Final treatment for future stain deterrent

How to work with our team if you have a property or business in Warrington

If you’re looking for professional carpet cleaning services in Warrington, then get in touch with our friendly team today for a no obligation quote. 

Alternatively, if you just need some advice on which of the cleaning services you require, we’re more than happy to be the team to give you a straightforward answer. 

Question we often Get Asked

Do you have team members based in Warrington  ready for a quick call out?

Whilst our team are based in the heart of Manchester, we do regularly provide cleaning services across Warrington, so there’s no worries about our team being able to come out to you to provide our services. 

Which areas of Warrington do you cover? 

We Cover Regularly: 

  • Appleton (WA4)
  • Birchwood (WA3)
  • Burtonwood (WA5)
  • Culcheth (WA3)
  • Daresbury (WA4)
  • Fearnhead (WA2)
  • Grappenhall (WA4)
  • Latchford (WA4)
  • Lymm (WA13)
  • Orford (WA2)
  • Padgate (WA1)
  • Penketh (WA5)
  • Stockton Heath (WA4)
  • Thelwall (WA4)
  • Westbrook (WA5)