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How does the carpet cleaning process work?

Like any cleaning project, cleaning a carpet is done bespoke to the requirements of each job. 

For example, a large carpeted room in a corporate meeting location is likely to require much more of a deep clean than a carpet in a home in a spare bedroom. 

That being said, the process is similar regardless of size, and we’ve outlined the generalities of how it all works below. 

How Our Carpet Cleaning Process Works

1. Vacuum of the area

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2. Cleaning Solution Application

3. Brushing

4. Flushing of dirt & debris

5. Drying of the carpet

6. Final treatment for future stain deterrent

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Our team really do live and breathe what we do. To some, carpet cleaning is a chore… but to us, it’s what we get up in the morning for. 

That may sound strange, but we really do love what we do, and it shows in the quality and consistency of the cleaning services we provide. Let’s get your carpets cleaned and looking like new. Contact our team today.